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PULAN Business School Public Welfare...
In this spring season, the Wright Ryder School of Business Foundation launched a grand start! The Wright Ryder Business School Foundation is led by the Wright Ryder School of Business, which is dedicated to providing financial support for the Group's social welfare activities.

Lit love, pass goodwill

At the start of the meeting, we played "A story about love and devotion" - the photo collection at the Wright Ridge Community Service team, and we were enthusiastic and came forward to watch. The organizers also want to take this to light up every kind heart of the goodwill of the light, will pass on the good faith.

Grand start, open a new chapter

Ms. Xu Chong, Director of the Group Customer Service Center, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony and announced that the Wright Ryder School of Business Foundation was officially launched! The chairman of the foundation read the charter.

Sign language show, inspire others

Wright Ryder Business School charity team members to bring you sign language "Thanksgiving heart". Hope to be able to inspire others to pass love. So that more people to join the ranks of public service, for more people in need to send love and love.

"For you tied the blue ribbon", let us walk with love

At the end of the program, in the "heart of Thanksgiving" warm tunes, the service team members went to the stage, the hands of the "love and thanksgiving" blue ribbon tied to the audience's wrist. Meaning the love will pass down, inspired more "love" partners to join the team, let us travel with love for the world more gray corners sent to the bright! After the start of the General Assembly, the Foundation has received a lot of participants from the kind of people's contributions, for their praise!

Take pictures, we are strength!

After the start of the meeting, participated in two public service activities of the team members posed for pictures. They tell us with practical action, we are the power! We want to feel more loving people to join our team, the dedication can be the spirit, it can be material, it can be around the people's inspiration ... ...
Public welfare needs of each of us sincere heart, let you and I love with colleagues!




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