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Environmental seawater desalination project...
On June 1, 2017, the Wright Ryder Environment held a technical training ceremony for the desalination project for technical staff from Venezuela! The Venezuelan technical staff visited the Wright Ryder Environmental Exchange to learn the desalination project technology, not only for the Wright Ryder environment in the field of recognition and trust in the achievements of the industry; is also the environment to go out of the country, into the international environmental protection Of the important first order, but also for China and Venezuela in various fields of diversified cooperation laid the foundation.

At the end of the ceremony, the ceremony was held at 10:30 am. Mr. Su Zhongmin, Vice President of Environment of Letlaide, made a speech. In his speech, Mr. Su Zhongmin first gave a high degree of professionalism and modesty in the field of desalination project to Venezuelan technical staff Praise and hope that the two sides work together to win together! Mr. Su Zhongmin elaborated on the future development of the environment in the future, and the Wright Ryder environment will always adhere to the market of advanced technology and service quality, and strive to take a higher level in the field of environmental protection! During the ceremony, representatives of the ceremony were born on behalf of the ceremony. About a common experience with Venezuelan visiting technical staff during the training period and said that a lot of valuable experience was obtained from the technical staff of Venezuela. At the same time, I would like to have the opportunity to cooperate again on the upcoming parting!

The ceremony also invited Mr. Davalillo, Venezuela's lead team engineer. Mr. Davalillo, on behalf of the Venezuelan technical staff, expressed his gratitude for the assistance given to all the leaders and staff of the Wright Ryder environment during the training period and has repeatedly stressed the innovative and advanced nature of the desalination project provided by the Wright Ryder environment. Transnational journey is extremely valuable; not only to solve the problem of seawater desalination, but also to the people of Venezuela to bring well-being; also look forward to meet again with the Wright Ryder environment!

When Wright Ryder environmental executives awarded the certificate of completion to the students, their faces were showing a proud smile. The certificate symbolizes the honor, but also represents the attitude of the students to pursue progress, each student has shared their learning insights, and thanks to the environment to give them the opportunity to learn.

Time fleeting, Mr. Su Zhongmin open champagne, cut the first piece of cake moments, from Venezuelan students graduation ceremony ceremony, perfect ending! But it does not mean that the relationship between the environment and Venezuela in this event will be a new start! In the future, Wright Ryder environment, as always, with innovative technology, advanced equipment and more environmentally friendly solutions to serve the enterprise, contribute to the community!




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