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Rainwater Recycling Solutions
China is a relatively poor water resources, space and time distribution is very uneven country. Such as the recent torrential rainstorms in 2008, a year of snowstorms, years of interannual changes in water resources during the year, and precipitation and runoff years concentrated in the summer months; even the feng, even the dry year alternately Some areas of frequent drought and water supply and demand contradiction and other issues.
In view of this situation, Tianjin Pu Blue Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. use of foreign advanced concepts and combined with China's national conditions, independent research and development of the company's core technology "FZTR-YSHS" process, applicable to a variety of local "siphon roof rainwater drainage system + Rainwater reuse + FZTR-YSHS ", which collects, processes, recycles, utilizes and discharges 96% annual rainfall. Is widely used in a variety of urban residential water, car washing wastewater, municipal water and so on.
Rainwater collection and return to the first process is the use of siphon roof rainwater system, relying on the design of a special rain bucket, the implementation of soft water separation, so that the rain water pipe in the full state (all water), when the riser in the water A certain capacity, the siphon effect produced, you can quickly drain. In the process of rain, due to continuous siphon effect, the whole system can quickly put the rain on the roof into the rainwater treatment pipeline. And then through the "FZTR-YSHS" system multi-media filter for rainwater, in the rain into the collection pool, according to the gravity into the water cyclone separator by precipitation, filtration, adsorption, chemical precipitation, plasma exchange and other effective removal Rainwater runoff heavy metals and eutrophic substances and other pollutants, to urban greening, flushing, irrigation and other emission standards.




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