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Gardening water program
Reverse osmosis is also known as reverse osmosis (RO). Is a certain pressure to the solution of the solvent through the reverse osmosis membrane (or semipermeable membrane) separated. Because it is the opposite direction and natural infiltration, so that reverse osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressure of various materials, can be greater than osmotic pressure reverse osmosis method to achieve separation, extraction, purification and enrichment purposes.
Reverse osmosis facilities to produce pure water there are two key, one is a selective membrane, we call semi-permeable membrane, the second is a certain pressure.
Reverse osmosis membrane after long-term operation, will accumulate some difficult to wash the dirt, such as organic matter, inorganic salt scaling, resulting in decreased performance of reverse osmosis membrane. When the membrane module is contaminated, it can be used for chemical cleaning of the RO system




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