core advantages
I have been the company "comprehensive management, customer first" for the purpose of providing customers with high quality, fast and satisfactory service. The company since its establishment, has for the Tianjin two-dimensional Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tak Kai Chemical Co., Ltd., Tianjin Chemical Co., Ltd., Tianjin Best Motor Co., Ltd., Tianjin Ke Kai Technology Limited Companies and other companies to provide a number of maintenance services, high-quality services by the customer's wide acclaim.
Quick response to the constant pursuit of perfection

Project Services
Provide optimal design of water treatment
Equipment installation service
Equipment operation training services
Equipment daily maintenance, cleaning services
Equipment troubleshooting, maintenance services
Equipment control system upgrade service
Equipment in the control system connection services
Equipment transfer service
Provide water treatment system design, installation and commissioning services

Headquarters Service Hotline. TEL: 022-65350545
Spare parts: UF film, RO membrane, microfiltration filter, nanofiltration membrane, ion exchange resin, filter, EDI spare parts, UV lamp, all kinds of pipe fittings, pipe, valves and other spare parts.
Regular maintenance: my company solemnly promised, during the warranty period, the company will be set to field engineers to protect, put forward maintenance recommendations. The user may enter into a maintenance agreement or lifetime maintenance agreement with the Company after the expiration of the warranty period.
Routine maintenance: equipment leakage and leak detection, safety device testing, electrical control system monitoring, internal and external health inspection equipment, processing system routine testing.
Troubleshooting: Once your equipment fails, the company immediately sent a service engineer rushed to the scene for timely processing. Make sure the city is 8 hours.
Regular return visit: for each carefully completed the project, we will be treated as a serious customer, timely return visit to guide the stable and reliable operation of the project.





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