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Industrial Waste Gas Treatment and Application
High-frequency, high-pressure low-temperature plasma technology and LTLD-AOP technology, according to the exhaust composition (processing difficulty), concentration (concentration level), emissions (continuous or intermittent emissions), according to customer needs to provide professional and efficient Waste gas treatment, odor management of the overall solution.
unique advantage

High-frequency high-pressure low-temperature plasma technology to effectively remove H2S gas, most of the volatile such as dioxins, toluene, phenols and malodorous gases, deodorant rate ≥ 98%;

● LTLD-AOP exhaust gas treatment process is mature and reliable, to ensure that the treatment effect, performance and processing capacity, to avoid the waste of resources, secondary pollution and safety hazards;

● low energy consumption, low operating costs;

● long service life of equipment, equipment, strong antioxidant, acidic, alkaline, humid environment has a good anti-corrosion performance;

● 500 enterprises with exhaust gas treatment examples, 7 * 24H all-weather service.
Application areas

Petrochemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the paint industry, steel manufacturing, all kinds of sewage treatment plants, feed and fertilizer processing plants, plastic recycling plants, foundries, printing and so on.




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