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A Case in Jilin Experimental Middle School

Jilin experimental secondary school in 1958, now the existing teaching class a total of 34, 1918 students, 147 faculty members. School over the years, the city of advanced education units, the provincial education advanced units. Over the years, the school test into the provincial key high school number, full of people, high scores, the number of candidates in the county ranked first. In 2010, the entrance examination into the key high school public enrollment number of the first break 200 people mark, the school's school level is getting higher and higher, school reputation is getting better and better. The company's direct drinking water equipment using the most advanced RO reverse osmosis membrane for water treatment, efficient removal of water in the bacteria, suspended solids, viruses, heavy metal ions, etc., to the national standard of drinking water, automatic, no manual care , Low consumption of electricity, and the company's specialized staff for maintenance, convenient and practical, energy-saving environmental protection in response to a low-carbon theme, the country and the people. In view of the above reasons, the company conducted a rigorous inspection, and signed a direct drinking water equipment on campus works.





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